We get asked a lot of questions here at HGK - so chances are, if you’ve wanted to ask it, someone else has too!

We hope that these FAQ’s will answer all of your burning questions but in the off chance they haven’t, reach out via email (hello@homegrownkombucha.com) and we will gladly answer any further questions you may have!


What the heck IS kombucha?

Kombucha is a slightly fizzy, probiotic rich, fermented tea infused with nourishing fruits, herbs and botanicals that provide it with its unique sweet/sour flavour.

To keep it super simple - it’s fermented tea. This seemingly simple elixir was discovered more than 2000 years ago, by accident. It was then given the name “kombucha” which means “mushroom tea” due to the natural growth of the symbiotic bacteria and yeast culture over time.

For many years, kombucha has been used to support immunity, digestion, and overall well-being in countries all over the world.


How is it made?

Our kombucha is brewed using traditional methods, and a double fermentation process. First we make our sweet tea, then it sits with one of our powerful SCOBY mamas to ferment in a nice warm, dark environment. Once it tastes juuuust right, we naturally infuse our kombucha with locally sourced, organic and nourishing fruits, botanicals and herbs.


What’s in it?

Well, not a whole heck of a lot!

Our kombucha is brewed using filtered water, organic cane sugar, organic sencha green tea and local/organic fruits, herbs and botanicals.


How much should I drink? How often?

We believe that every body is different, and therefor you will need to listen to your own body cues. If you’re not currently drinking kombucha, start with a small amount to let your gut adapt to all these new friendly gut bugs. With as little as 1/4 cup per day, most people begin to feel a difference in the way they feel.

Much like a multi-vitamin, we believe in incorporating kombucha into your daily routine. The more positive gut bugs we get into our system, the better we feel!


How long does it last?

Given the raw living culture within kombucha, we don’t suggest letting it hang out in the back of your fridge. For best flavour you wanna drink it fresh, within 90 days from the time its bottled. Typically, every bottle is sold/consumed within 2 weeks of being filled. How’s that for fresh?!


Does it need to be refrigerated?

If you would like it to continue to taste delicious, then yes! If left on the counter, the bottled kombucha will continue to build up co2 inside the bottle which can lead to exploding bottles and over-fermented kombucha that is no longer enjoyable to drink.


How much sugar does it have?

For every 1 cup (250ml) of Home Grown Kombucha, there are 4g of naturally occurring sugar.

Yes, this is keto friendly! ...and highly recommended to pair with a high fat diet.


Is it safe to drink while pregnant or nursing?

In our opinion and personal experience - YES!

However, there may be trace amounts of alcohol (up to 0.5%) so we do recommend sticking with a small amount to help keep those energy levels up and nausea feelings at bay. Pregnancy can be hard, and kombucha helped us through what could have been some very long and icky days.

If you’re feeling unsure, trust your gut instincts.

Reach out to a naturopath or healthcare provider before starting any new routine or making any major dietary changes while pregnant or nursing.


Is there alcohol in it?

There are trace amounts of alcohol, less than 0.5% alcohol by volume. This is less than the national 1.1% acceptable level of ABV that is considered to be non-alcoholic.


What are those floaty bits?

Those friends, are little strains of the probiotic cultures! These are the good guys who will work their way down into our intestinal lining where they work their magic.

Before you drink, always give your bottle of booch a gentle little swirl. This will help to break up these larger looking culture clusters.

However, if you find them a little unappealing, you can easily strain them using a stainless steel tea steeper or cheesecloth.


Does kombucha contain any animal, dairy or gluten products?

Absolutely not - kombucha is an animal free, dairy free and gluten free product that you can feel good about drinking!


What’s a SCOBY?

A SCOBY is a Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast cultures.


Is there any caffeine?

While this is very hard to determine, due to the fermentation process, but kombucha typically contains about 1/3 of the original caffeine content that is present in the tea itself.

This means, that our kombucha contains approximately 5mg - 8mg per 8oz serving.